tesa® 60042 Adhesive Cleaner

tesa® 60042

  • Reliably removes label residue, most adhesive tapes, as well as grease, tar, resinous materials and other impurities.
  • It vaporizes without leaving any residue.
  • It has a pleasant aroma.
  • The main base of the cleaner is ” Limonene ”, from natural raw material.
  • Free of silicone and chlorinated solvents.

Technical Properties

Propellant based onpropane / butane
Solvents based onDearomatized special benzene, isopropanol, limonene
Recommended distance for spray20 cm


The Adhesive Cleaner, tesa® 60042, is a sprayer for the easy removal of glue residue on different parts (plastic, glass and metal spaces).

Main applications:

  • In the automotive industry.
  • Wide range of crafts.
  • Employment in factories and production areas.
  • Generic industrial applications.
  • Suitable for cleaning in workshops and at home.

Relacted products

  • Tesa 60040

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