Tesa® Basic Dispenser

tesa® 6300 Basic Dispenser

Tesa® Basic Dispenser

  • Box sealing.
  • Manual brake.
  • High security.
Tesa® Basic Dispenser

Technical Properties

Core diameter3 inch
Tape typeone side
Type of applicationpackaging
Length150 mm
Operation modemanual
Grammage350 g
Roll diameter120 mm
Applicator typemano
Maximum roll width50 mm

Description Tesa® Basic Dispenser

The “basic” manual dispenser, tesa ® 6300, is ideal for box sealing. It has a manual brake that can be adjusted to the tension of the belt, located in the center of the chuck support. As prevention for injuries, the cutting blade is covered with a cover, for when it is not in use, providing us with high security.

Main application:

  • Place the dispenser in the box and pull it towards you by pressing the tape with the rubber roller. The tape is cut with the blade tilting the dispenser.
  • The roll of tesa® is placed on the mandrel holder so that the adhesive side of the tape is facing down. Pull the end of the ribbon between the ribbon guide roller and the metal plate until the ribbon is wrinkle free.

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