Tesa® PRO Mounting Tapes

Tesa® Professional Adhesive Tapes – for Reliable, Quick and Clean Mounting Without Drilling

Tesa® PRO Mounting Tapes

  • A range of high performance Tesa® tapes.
  • Mounting, bonding and fixing applications on a wide variety of materials.
  • PRO Mounting’s wide range of products ensures that you will find the adhesive tape that best suits your needs.

Technical Properties

UniversalTransparentMirrorSlimPlasterUltra StrongACXOutdoor
Adhesive typesynthetic rubbermodified acrylicmodified acrylicmodified acrylicsynthetic rubbersynthetic rubberfoamed acrylic mixtureacrylic
Total thickness1050 µm205 µm1150 µm1000 µm1350 µm1150 µm800 µm1140 µm
Enlongation to break200 %50 %200 %180 %500 %
Tensile strength – (Metal adhesion)*7 N/cm20 N/cm10 N/cm10 N/cm25 N/cm*15 N/cm*27 N/cm*12 N/cm*
Chemical resistancemediumgoodgoodgoodgoodgood
Humidity resistancegoodvery goodvery goodvery goodlowgoodgoodvery good
UV resistancemediumvery goodgoodvery goodgoodmediumvery goodvery good
Softener resistancemediumgoodmediummediumgoodlow
Short term temperature resistance60 ºC200 ºC80 ºC80 ºC40 ºC40 ºC200 ºC
Long term temperature resistance40 ºC100 ºC80 ºC80 ºC40 ºC40 ºC100 ºC


Characteristics Tesa® PRO Mounting Tapes

Technical Data Sheets

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