Tesa Power Kit

tesa® Power.Kit for soap and towel dispensers.

Tesa® Power Kit

Drill-free mounting: removal without damage.

Soap dispensers and bath towels in the professional cleaning and hygiene industry are currently installed on the basis of drills. This type of installation technology is time consuming, noisy and makes cleaning of dust and dirt necessary after installation. Additionally, drilling as an installation method carries the risk of damage to tiles, surfaces, or even electrical cables during installation, leading to the need for costly and time-consuming repairs afterward.
innovative tesa® Power.Kit system, on the other hand, offers a fast and clean way to install toilet dispensers without drilling. The advantages are clear: no more time to spend cleaning or repairing after installation and reducing installation times thanks to quick and efficient assembly with the easy-to-use tesa® Power.Kit adapter.

Advantages and benefits
Having an innovative mounting system that can be used without the need for destructive drilling in delicate surfaces such as tiles, metal or glass provides a clear benefit for installers and facility managers. and cleaning staff.

• No noise, dirt or dust during installation.
• No drilling holes. Works on a wide range of surfaces without drilling.
• Will not damage surfaces or electrical cables.

When replacement is necessary, the Tesa® Power can be removed without damaging most of the surfaces on which the dispenser was installed.

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