Tesa® PE Foam Tapes

Tesa® 4952 – 4957 PE Foam Adhesive Tapes

Tesa® PE Foam Tapes

  • Double-sided tapes with a highly conformable acrylic adhesive.
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Versatile fixing to a wide range of materials.

Technical Properties

Tesa® 4952Tesa® 4957
Total thickness1150 µm1100 µm
Tensile strength10 N/cm6 N/cm
Short and long term temperature resistance80 °C80 °C
Adhesion to Metal (initial)6.5 N/cm4 N/cm
Adhesion on Steel (after 14 days)8 N/cm4 N/cm
Adhesion to PC (initial)5 N/cm4 N/cm
Adhesion on PC (after 14 days)8 N/cm4 N/cm
Adhesion to ABS (initial)5 N/cm4 N/cm
Adhesion on ABS (after 14 days)8 N/cm4 N/cm
Adhesion to PET (initial)5 N/cm4 N/cm
Adhesion to PET (after 14 days)7 N/cm4 N/cm
Accession to PP (initial)2.8 N/cm1.8 N/cm
Adhesion on PP (after 14 days)5.5 N/cm3.3 N/cm

Descripction Tesa® PE Foam Tapes

tesa® 4952 and 4957 tapes feature a highly conformable foam backing and an acrylic adhesive with excellent fixing properties.


  • Immediate fixation even at low pressure.
  • High resistance to ageing, UV rays and water.
  • Balances the difference in thermal expansion between two different components.
  • Ideal vibration absorption at low temperatures.

Applications tesa® 4952:

  • Mirror assembly.
  • Assembly of car mirrors.
  • Assembly of profiles.
  • Mounting of decorative panels.

Applications tesa® 4957:

  • Points of sale.
  • Decorative elements in the furniture industry.decorativos en la industria del mueble.
  • Mounting of profiles on solar panels.
  • Price holders.
  • Cable holders.
  • Power strips.
  • Perfiles de ventanas.

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