Tesa® Manual Dispenser

tesa® 6012 Manual Dispenser

Tesa® Manual Dispenser

  • Perfect for use in warehouse or production.
  • Easy adaptation.
  • Allows application with different tapes at the same time.

Technical Properties

Tape typeone side
Applicator typetable
Core diameter3 inch
Grammage610 g
Type of applicationpackaging
Length175 mm
Operation modemanual
Roll diameter145 mm
Maximum roll width50 mm

Description Tesa® Manual Dispenser

The generic dispenser, tesa ® 6012, for packing tapes (66M x 50mm). It can be applied with two rolls, or with one. Ideal for use on the production line and warehouse. Thanks to its easy adaptation of up to two rolls of tape, it allows it to be used with different tapes at the same time (for example, different colors and widths).

Principal functions:

  • The dispenser allows it to be held securely with the screws set on the worktable (it has four screw holes).
  • It is also possible with the clamp.

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