Tesa® Packaging Tape

tesa® 4120 Packaging Tape

Tesa® General Packaging Tape

  • Break-resistant PVC backing
  • Natural rubber adhesive ensures excellent adhesion
  • Also for boxes and cartons with rough surfaces
  • Suitable for all tesa® tape dispensers
  • Silent unwinding

Technical Properties

Backing materialsoft PVC
Total thickness122,5 µm
Adhesion to Steel [N/25 mm]5
Tensile strength [N/25 mm]107,5
ColorsWhite, transparent and brown

Description Tesa® General Packaging Tape

Tesa® Extra Strong 4120 tape features a polyvinyl (PVC) composition suitable for sealing heavy and medium-weight packages, highly resistant to breakage. Determined especially for demanding applications. Present an adhesive natural rubber backing, where this packing tape allows great adhesion. The self-adhesive tape has a high reliability in situations that require it.

Uses and main features:

  • Suitable for tesa® tape dispensers.
  • Silent unwinding.
  • Tear resistant PVC base.
  • Adhesión elevada gracias a su composición de caucho natural.
  • Great for boxes with uneven surfaces.

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