Tesa® Masking Tape

tesa® 4333 Easy Masking Tape

Tesa® General Masking Tape

  • For crisp, precise edges.
  • Extra-thin and very resistant paper support.
  • For critical surfaces.
  • Excellent suitability with water-based paints.

Technical properties

Backing material
Flat paper
Total thickness
Adhesion to steel
[N/25 mm]
Tensile strength
[N/25 mm]
Resistance temperature [°C]5 months

Description Tesa® Masking Tape

Tesa® 4333 Tape features a very strong and extra-fine paper base as well as a converted acrylic bonding agent. It allows a high adaptation to various surfaces thanks to the paper support. Complementarily, the formula allows the application on critical surfaces and a simple removal of the tape, after having been applied, even up to 1 week later.

Primary uses:

  • The tape is suitable for virtually all interior painting jobs.
  • It can be applied with water-based paints, lacquers and even in more technical jobs with a spatula.
  • Very suitable for wallpaper walls and other surfaces where a very precise finish is required.

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