Tesa® FUSE Self-Adhesive Tape

Tesa® FUSE 45012 Heat-Reactive Self-Adhesive Bonding Tape

Tesa® FUSE Self-Adhesive Tape

  • Created for a better adhesion of metallic materials.
  • Thanks to its reaction at high temperatures, it compensates for thermal elongation.
  • Avoid using common fastening tapes, solder, or liquid adhesives.

Technical Properties

Type of adhesiveSpecialty
Liner typePET film
Adhesion force3.1 N/mm²
Total thickness1200 µm
Temperature resistance (long term)120 °C
Temperature resistance (short term)220 °C
Protector colorTransparent

Description Tesa® FUSE Self-Adhesive Tape

Tesa® FUSE 45012 is a heat reactive self-adhesive fixing tape, composed of a special adhesive covered with a transparent liner.


  • Simple assembly, without residue, flexible and highly efficient.
  • High resistance to electrostatic painting processes, including chemical pretreatments.
  • It exhibits excellent semi-structural bond strength along with the advantages of an adhesive tape in manufacturing processes.
  • It eliminates the need to use welding processes or liquid adhesives, being an ideal alternative.
  • Perfect surface quality due to its invisible adhesion technology.
  • High flexibility in the combination of a wide range of metals.
  • Setting requirements: the product is self-adhesive. The setting process is temperature activated and requires a temperature ≥180 ° C for 30 minutes.


  • Suitable for steel, aluminum or a composition of both.
  • Only for metal modules, with electrostatic painting after fixing.
  • Excellent for finishes, frames, panels, profiles and other metal parts, thanks to its durable and semi-structured joint.
  • Durable and firm fixing of reinforcing bars and cover plates.

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