Tesa® Floor Marking Tape

Tesa® 4169 Floor Marking Tape

Tesa® Floor Marking Tape

  • Features a PVC base, and water-based acrylic adhesive, ideal for long-lasting floor marking.
  • Signaling areas.
  • Delimitation of work areas.

Technical Properties

Backing materialsoft PVC
Type of adhesiveacrylic
Total thickness180 µm
Adhesion to Steel [N/25 mm]4,5
Tensile strength [N/25 mm]75

Description Tesa® Floor Marking Tape

Tesaflex® 4169 tape is a permanent floor marking tape. Its PVC base and water-based acrylic adhesive make it ideal for long-lasting floor marking.

Main applications:

  • Guide lines for mark-sensitive vehicles, e.g. transport robots.
  • Signage in work areas, e.g. factories and warehouses.
  • Marking of parking and passage areas in offices, hospitals, fairs, etc.
  • Delimitation of the direction of travel and areas that must be clear.

After the application of the ‘’ Action procedure for occupational risk prevention services against exposure to Sars-Cov-2 (COVID-19) ’’ this Tesa® marking / safety tape is essential in many situations.


  • To define the safety distance, at least 1.5 meters, between the counter and the customer, avoiding contact.
  • Waiting areas. Indicating the distance between clients on the ground.
  • In payment areas.


  • To guarantee the safety distance between workers.
  • We can use the yellow-black floor marking tape.
  • Mark dangerous points.
  • Closure of areas to traffic.


  • Using a brightly colored tape to mark the areas that must be clear.
  • Safety distance between tables and chairs in restaurants and bars.
  • To mark furniture that cannot be used or other areas, we have the temporary marking tape.

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