Tesa® FlameXtinct® Fire Retardant Foam Tapes

Tesa® Fire Retardant Tapes

  • They ensure the integrity and protection of health and assets.
  • Halogen-free composition helps to reduce smoke and gas toxicity.
  • Fundamental in complying with fire safety standards.

Technical Properties Tesa® Fire Retardant Tapes

ProductsTesa® flameXinct 45051Tesa® flameXinct 45001Tesa® flameXinct 45063Tesa® flameXinct 45065
Total thickness [µm]2001.0008001.200
Adhesive typeModified Acrylic (Fire retardant)Modified Acrylic (Fire retardant)AcrylicAcrylic
BackingPETModified PE foam (Fire retardant)Acrylic core (fire retardant)Acrylic core (fire retardant)
LinerMOPP, redMOPP, redPE-coated paperPE-coated paper
Long-term temperature resistance [ºC] 100808080
Adhesion to metal (ASTM) [N/cm]12222828

Tests and Approvals

Tesa® 45051Tesa® 45001Tesa® 45063Tesa® 45065
Tested according to UL94VTM-0HBF HF-1V-2V-2
Tested according to FMVSS 302YesYesYesYes

Available Dimensions

Tesa® 45051Tesa® 45001Tesa® 45063Tesa® 45065
Dimensions50m x 1.360mm50m x 1.360mm33m x 500 mm33m x 500 mm
Cutting rolls to lengthAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable

Description Tesa® Fire Retardant Tapes

The tesa® flameXtinct range of flame retardant tapes ensures compliance with industry fire regulations (UL94 and FMVSS 302) and is essential for fire safety in various industries, such as building and construction, marine, rail, automotive, electric mobility and lifts.

Characteristics and Applications

flameXtinct 45001
  • Fixing in many areas.
  • Permanent assembly.
  • High adaptability and shock absorption.
  • Extremely light weight.
  • Wall cladding.
  • Bonding of light components (special vehicles and boats).
  • Installation of reinforcement bars in the construction industry (in walls and lift doors).
  • Union in passenger areas of trains.
  • Fixing of decorative panels.

flameXtinct 45051
  • Adhesion strength on polar substrate.
  • Low thickness.
  • Non-woven filmic carrier.
  • Excellent initial performance.
  • High die-cutting properties in converting processes.
  • Translucent bracket for invisible fixing.
  • Mounting applications in electric vehicle battery structures.
  • Lamination and conversion.
  • Installation of carpets and floor coverings.

flameXtinct 45063 y 45065

  • High performance acrylic core for demanding services.
  • Viscoelastic properties.
  • Strong adhesion to different substrates (metals, glass, plastics and powdery surfaces).
  • Installation of reinforcement bars in the construction industry (in walls and lift doors).
  • In the household appliance industry, joining of skirting boards and decorative profiles.
  • Long-term fixation of structural and decorative components on boats, trains and special vehicles.
  • Installation of mirrors.

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