Tesa® Easy Masking Tape

tesa® 4334 Easy Masking Tape

Tesa® Easy Masking Tape

  • High precision for masking.
  • Simple withdrawal.
  • Execution in different paint jobs.
  • Application on a wide variety of surfaces.

Technical Properties

Backing materialFlat paper
Total thickness90 µm
Adhesion to Steel [N/25 mm]4,7
Tensile strength [N/25 mm]75
UV-resistance8 weeks

Description Tesa® Easy Masking Tape

tesa® 4334 composed with an extra-thin paper support, but at the same time very resistant and with an acrylic adhesive. The combination of a high-quality backing with an adhesive of unusual formulation allows the tape to be easily removed up to 6 months after application. This enables multiple painting tasks to be done in a single masking process.

Main applications:

  • Suitable for almost all indoor painting jobs.
  • Application with water-based paints and lacquers.
  • It can be used with techniques that require a spatula, trowel or trowel.
  • Adjustable on surfaces such as: glass, aluminum, PVC and wood.
  • Especially suitable for indoor applications when a perfectly clean and precise finish is required.

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