Tesa® Bond Detach

Tesa Bond & Detach® – Easy Bonding and Removal

Tesa® Bond Detach

  • High strength adhesives.
  • Easy removal without residue.
  • Lasting union

Technical Properties Tesa® Bond Detach

SpectrumScope thickness
ColourExemplary series usedCase studiesUse this assortment when your main requirements are
Bond & Detach®80 – 1000Black
Tesa® 704xx
Tesa® 706xx
Tesa® 672xx
Tesa® 770xx
Tesa® 648xx
Stretch-Release– Superior ability to remove residues through the application of solvents.
– Excellent adhesion, even on low surface energy substrates.
– Impact resistence.
Double-sided film tapes50 – 300Black
Tesa® 613xx
Tesa® 618xx
– Very good adhesion.
– Efficient die cutting.
Acrylic foam tapes50 – 400Black
Tesa® ACF 756xxPermanent– Upper union
– Higher impact resistance
Synthetic foam tapes50 – 300BlackTesa® SPF 761xxContainer
Solvent removal
– Superior waste disposal capacity.
– Fast bonding properties, even on low surface energy substrates.
– Impact resistence.

Description Tesa® Bond Detach

The tesa Bond & Detach® range of double-sided mounting tapes feature a high-strength adhesive while being easy to remove without residue. Thanks to its chemical structure, made up of polymer chains with great freedom of movement, its application is very simple and comfortable, since its removal is achieved without leaving any residue simply by pulling the tape. This is essential to ensure a lasting bond. The time for clean bindings has come.

Main Applications:

  • Short-term fixing of decoration materials, signs, etc.
  • Secure adhesion to exhibit and display items.
  • Permanent bonding of components in electrical, electronic and household appliances. The tapes that are available in different thicknesses have excellent cushioning properties.

Its very high adhesion force and retention power that ensure the fixation of materials up to 1.5 kg.

Requirements for adhesive battery mounting solutions:

  • Battery mounting plays a key role in improving new devices. Battery performance improves, leading to heavier batteries, while designs must remain flat.
  • EU Battery Regulations and increased customer awareness of solutions lead manufacturers to ensure the repair and recycling of their devices, making removable batteries mandatory. The right adhesive tape solutions can overcome these challenges and open up entirely new design possibilities.

tesa Bond & Detach® 704xx/703xx/706xx

These series are designed for applications that demand high bond strength and reworkability. They have the best bonding performance within the Bond & Detach® assortment and are available in a wide range of thicknesses and different colors. The 706xx black series offers good light blocking properties.

tesa Bond & Detach® 672xx

In addition to the general characteristics of Bond & Detach®, the special cushioning adhesive used for the 672xx series provides better impact resistance. The extractability of these products is also improved by the stretchable PU backing used.

tesa Bond & Detach® 770xx/648xx

The performance of these highly impact resistant and highly tacky series is based on tesa’s innovative foam technology. The backing is a new development with the specific goal of further improving the removability of these products by improving tear resistance and reducing the force required to remove the tape.

tesa Bond & Detach® 705xx

The latest tesa Bond & Detach® 705xx series is a further development of the successful 704xx series. The adhesive has been modified to provide excellent adhesion and resistance to shear and repulsive forces even at elevated temperatures.

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