Tesa® 60950 Anti-slip Tape

Tesa® 60950 Anti-slip Tape

Tesa® Anti-slip Tape

  • Ideal protection to avoid accidents.
  • Firm and safe step.
  • Long-lasting anti-slip effect.

Technical Properties

Backing materialPVC film coated with mineral particles.
Type of adhesiveAcrylic
Total thickness720 µm
Adhesion to Steel [N/25 mm]14,5
Tensile strength [N/25 mm]75
Temperature resistance-5 to +50 °C

Description Tesa® Anti-slip Tape

The non-slip tape, 60950, from tesa® is perfect for any surface that requires a firm and safe step. Avoiding any type of accident being ideal in the protection against slipping. The high quality adhesive it presents is essential to place it in areas such as factory floors, industrial areas, etc. This high adhesion guarantees an anti-slip effect for 1-2 years. It is easy to cut by hand.

Main applications:

  • Black-yellow (tesa® 60951): Marking of very slippery surfaces
  • Transparent (tesa® 60952): Discreetly secures valuable surfaces such as wooden stairs
  • Fluorescent (tesa® 60953): Stays bright for a long period in dark rooms to ensure safety
  • Outdoors and indoors.
  • Any type of application where adequate support underfoot is essential.

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