Tesa® ACX 76636 Double Side Sealing Tape – Tesa® 60150 Adhesion Promoter

tesa® ACX 76636

  • Excellent for the coupling of difficult adhesion materials.
  • Its sealing prevents heat leaks.
  • Resistant to humidity and the passage of time.

tesa® 60150

  • Perfect to improve the adherence of any tape.
  • Simple application.

Technical Properties tesa® ACX 76636

Backing materialfoamed acrylic
Adhesive typetackified acrylic
Total thickness
3600 µm
Adhesion/steel – initial [N/25 mm]140
Adhesion/crystal – initial [N/25 mm]175
Adhesion/PMMA – initial [N/25 mm]150
Adhesion/aluminum – inicial [N/25 mm]150
Resistance to tª [ºC] (short term)170 °C
Resistance to tª [ºC] (long term)a la tª [ºC] (largo plazo)70 °C

Technical Properties tesa® 60150

Dispersion ratio ca.15 m²/l
Solid7 %
Density0.81 g/cm³
Viscosity15 mPa s


tesa® ACXplus 76636 is characterized by its excellent bonding power and stress dissipation. It is a double-sided, black tape composed of acrylic foam, with a characteristic formula that allows it to have high levels of adhesion and high resistance against the migration of plasticizers; as well as, thanks to its viscoelastic core, it is able to compensate the thermal elongations of the joined parts.

Specially designed for the coupling of materials with difficult adhesion, such as powder coatings or plastic materials. This tape provides excellent, immediate, peel adhesion even on bases with low surface energy. Especially recommended for interiors.

For a better application of the tape, from SOLBI-MURAL, S.L., we recommend the use of tesa® 60150 adhesion promoter. It enables better adhesion of tesa® ACXplus tapes on various bases, from PP / EPDM to zinc and steel. Improves the adhesion levels of tesa® ACXplus 76636, preventing moisture seepage and promoting long-term resistance against critical environmental factors.

Main applications tesa® ACXplus 76636:

The tesa® ACXplus product range is perfect for a wide variety of construction bonding applications. To ensure the highest possible return, it is important to understand your application and the substrate involved, for your best employability.

  • Bumper rails.
  • Reinforcement bars (eg, in elevators).
  • Decorative parts in household appliances. (eg decorative panel).

Oven door sealing with ACXplus 76636

Among its technical applications, tesa® ACXplus 76636 was developed to maintain the separation of the inner and outer glass of the oven door and the bonding of the glass to the metal frame, thus preventing heat leakage. This is due to the fact that tesa ACXplus 76636 is thicker, which makes it possible to close holes between the hot and cold parts of the oven, which is often difficult.

Instructions for use tesa® 60150

The relevant area for the application must be cleaned, with ethanol or isopropanol, of any substrate (dust, grease, oil, humidity, etc.). The promoter will then be applied with an application brush or marker. Wait 30 seconds to 5 minutes to allow the solvents time to evaporate.

Time available for joining several hours/days.

Shelf life is 12 months as long as it is stored in the original container at room temperature.

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