Tesa® 54999 PV1 Liner Removal Tape

Tesa® 54999 PV1

  • High rigidity for good employability.
  • Available in a special white PET liner.
  • Translucent for easy and safe application.

Technical Properties

Type of adhesiveSilicone base
Protector typePET film
Total thickness150 µm
Support materialPET film


From Solbi-Mural SL, the main Tesa® distributor in the southeast of Spain, we have detected a great challenge among our clients, to be able to remove the tape protector, with the least possible manipulation, using die-cut double-sided adhesive tapes, such as Tesa® 54999 PV1. Being excellent for this purpose.

Objectives with Tesa® 54999 PV1:

  • Avoid damaging the adhesive by touching it with your fingers or tools.
  • Significantly increase the times in the application and centering cycles.

Main applications:

  • For straight tab applications, it is commonly used to bond and remove the liner from multiple pieces of tape and / or blanks in one operation.
  • Extended liner.
  • Bare adhesive.
  • Finger lift for quick liner removal in roll and die cut applications.

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