Tesa® 4338 Masking Tape – High Temperatures

tesa® 4338

  • Easy unwinding.
  • High performance tape.
  • Ideal outdoors.

Technical Properties

Backing materialcrepe paper
Type of adhesivenatural rubber
Total thickness145 µm
Tensile strength [N/25 mm]107,5
Adhesion to Steel [N/25 mm]8,75
Temperature resistance120 °C


Los trabajos de pintura industrial presentan unas condiciones muy exigentes con diferentes ciclos de secado a elevadas temperaturas. La cinta 4338 de tesa® ha sido creada para soportar altas temperaturas, así como rayos UV, ya que, habitualmente los trenes y yates se almacenan en el exterior después del enmascaramiento.

Main features:

  • Its striking green color helps in masking.
  • Easy removal without residue.
  • It has a backrest that is manageable with the hands. It is easy to unroll.
  • Ideal for creating clean edges.
  • After masking, it resists up to more than seven days in the open air, and withstands six cycles of 40 minutes at 120 °C.

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