tesakrepp® 4439 Precision Mask Sensitive

Tesakrepp 4439 Precision Mask Sensitive

Premium paper masking tape for sharp, precise profiles.

tesa® 4439 Precision Mask Exterior consists of a very strong, extra-thin paper backing combined with an acrylic adhesive. The combination of the paper support with the adhesive allows the removal of the tape up to 8 weeks after it has been applied outdoors.

For professional exterior painting, you need additional heavy-duty solutions like tesa® 4439 Precision Mask® Masking Tape. The tape is both extremely tear resistant and thin, and can easily be used outdoors for up to 8 weeks, due to its weather resistance. With its high-quality backing material and the superior quality of tesa® adhesive, this tape allows for precise paint and lacquer edges and protects surfaces from paint splashes.

– Extra-thin paper support, but very resistant to tearing.
– Precise and sharp profiles in exterior painting and lacquering works.
– Easy to remove without leaving adhesive residue for up to 8 weeks after applying it on the outside.

Main features

– Suitable for virtually all exterior painting jobs.
– It can be applied with water-based paints, lacquers and even on surfaces prepared for plastering.
– It is specially designed for outdoor applications and on a wide variety of surfaces.
– The very fine but at the same time extra-strong support provides malleability to the tape and provides very precise finishes.


Tesakrepp 4439 Precision Mask Sensitive


Technical data Tesakrepp 4439 Precision Mask Sensitive

BracketRice paper
Type of adhesiveAcrylic
Elongation at break [%]5
Total thickness [µm]100
Adhesion / steel [N/cm]1,8
Resist break  [N/cm]35
Resist. Exterior8 weeks
4439Roll48 Rolls/Box19 mm x 50 mtCOLOR AZUL
Roll36 Rolls/Box25 mm x 50 mtCOLOR AZUL
Roll18 Rolls/Box50 mm x 50 mtCOLOR AZUL


Defined border color++
Suitable for delicate surfaceso
can be cut by hand++
Soft edge color++
Suitable for rough surfaces+
Good paint anchor++
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