Tesaflex® 4163 Premium Insulating Tape

Tesaflex 4163 Premium Insulating Tape

Tesaflex 4163 is a soft PVC tape with a special formulation, good film flexibility and a wear-stable, UV-resistant acrylic adhesive. tesaflex® 4163 is universally applicable, although it is exceptionally suitable for applications in electrical installation work, repair, splicing or tying. The PVC support guarantees great durability, while the acrylic adhesive gives it great adherence to various surfaces. In addition, the tape complies with US Safety Standard 302. tesaflex® 4163 is available in many colours: black, white, grey, blue, yellow, red and green. The usual widths are 12 and 19 mm (more available) and are offered with a length of 33 meters.

– Flexible soft PVC support for excellent adaptability
– Good adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces
– tesaflex® 4163 complies with US safety standard 302

– Withstands temperatures up to +105ºC.
– Resistant to acids and solvents.
– Resistance to UV rays, ideal for outdoors.
– Range of colors suitable for installation work.

Main applications
– Suitable for electrical installation work, repairs, splicing and tying
– Can also be used for marking and color coding
– Color isogenic gray for installation of, for example, heating pipes


Tesaflex 4163 Premium Insulating Tape


Technical data

BracketSoft PVC
Total thickness [µm]130
Adhesion / steel [N/cm]1,8
Resist break  [N/cm]30,0
4163Roll120 Rolls/Box15 mm x 33 mtNEGRO_1color azulcolor amarillo
Roll120 Rolls/Box19 mm x 33 mtNEGRO_1color BLANCOcolor rojocolor verde
Roll72 Rolls/Box25 mm x 33 mtNEGRO_1
Roll60 Rolls/Box30 mm x 33 mtNEGRO_1
Roll36 Rolls/Box50 mm x 33 mtNEGRO_1
Roll12 Rolls/Box100 mm x 33 mtNEGRO_1

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