Tesa® 64958

Tesa® 64958

Tesa 64958 is a double-sided white PE foam with synthetic rubber adhesive designed for general-purpose indoor applications.


Highly adaptable PE foam.
High immediate adhesion applying little pressure, even on rough surfaces.
High adhesion on low surface energy surfaces.
Good compressibility of the foam.
Ideal for mounting cardboard displays, price holders, etc.
Recommended indoor use.


Main applications
Assembly of points of sale and displays.
Placement of posters and signs indoors.
Assembly of price holders in supermarkets and stores.
For profile damping and unevenness compensator when joining two surfaces in interior applications.


tesa 64958

Tesa® 64958


Technical data Tesa 64958

SupportPE foam
Total thickness [µm]1050,0
Adhesion / steel [N / cm]4,0  (Foam break)
Temperature resistance [° C]
Long term40
Short term60
64958Roll72 Rolls/Box19 mm x 1,5 mt     (individual packaging-prof. presentation)BLANCO
Roll48 Rolls/Box19 mm x 5 mt     (individual packaging-prof. presentation)BLANCO
Roll24 Rolls/Box12 mm x 25 mtBLANCO
Roll20 Rolls/Box15 mm x 25 mtBLANCO
Roll16 Rolls/Box19 mm x 25 mtBLANCO
Roll12 Rolls/Box25 mm x 25 mtBLANCO
Roll1 Roll/Box1400 mm x 25 mtBLANCO
Roll1 Roll/Box19 mm x 1100 mtBLANCO

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