Tesa® 64250 Exteriors

Tesa 64250 Exteriors


tesa® 64250 combines the flexibility and strength of pre-stretched polypropylene backing. Due to its excellent formability, the product is ideal for applications on 3D surfaces.
Tesa® 64250 can be removed from a wide variety of surfaces without leaving residue or discoloration marks.

– Special adhesive for outdoor use, even with direct incidence of UV rays.
– Good tear resistance.


main applications

– Security in the transport of automatic office equipment, such as printers, scanners, photocopiers and household appliances.


Tesa 64250 Exteriors

Tesa® 64250 Exteriors


Technical data  Tesa 64250 Exteriors

Type of adhesiveacrylic
Elongation at break [%]30
Tensile stength [N/cm]100
Total thickness [µm]79
Adhesion / steel [N/cm]3
Resist break  [N/cm]100


No discolorationYes
Removes without leaving residueYes
64250Roll72 Rolls/Box25 mm x 66 mtTesa 64250 Exteriors
Roll36 Rolls/Box50 mm x 66 mtCOLOR AZUL

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