Tesa® 6037 Preset


Tesa 6037 Preset Dispenser

Tesa® 6037 is a dispenser that allows you to adjust the desired length of tape. Designed for sealing small packages. Its compact size ensures good stability without having to be screwed to the work table. The preselected tape length is dispensed by pressing the lever. The tape is cut with a saw tooth blade as it is reamed. The maximum length of the tape that can be adjusted is 10 cm. The core holder accepts 1″ and 3″ diameter core rolls.

– Semi-automatic desktop dispenser.
– Predetermined cutting length adjustable up to 100mm, modifying the position of the lever.
– For 25mm rolls (maximum diameter 140mm).


main applications

To insert the roll of tesa tape, first remove the blue plastic piece that contains the blade, place the tape with the adhesive face down on the larger metal roller, and then thread the tape under the blue plastic tensioner. Replace the blue part with the cutting blade and the tesa® 6037 dispenser is ready to use. By loosening the screw on the transport lever, you can change the position of the lever and consequently the predetermined length of the tape.



Tesa 6037 Preset Dispenser


Technical data Tesa 6037 Preset Dispenser

tape typeone side
applicator typetable
Type of applicationmultifunctional
Operation modeHandbook
Fixed length [mm]100
Length [mm]200
roll width [mm]30
diameter max. roll [mm]140
Chuck inner diameter [“]1.5 / 3
Weight [gr.]1,4
6037Dispenser6 Dispenser/Box


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