Tesa® 60042 Adhesive Cleaner Spray


Tesa® 60042 Adhesive Cleaner Spray

Tesa 60042 Adhesive Cleaner Spray is a spray for easy removal of glue residue from plastic parts, glass and metal surfaces.
Reliably removes label residue, most adhesive tapes, as well as grease, tar, resinous materials and other impurities.
It evaporates without leaving any residue.
Leaves a pleasant scent.
The cleaner is based on LIMONENE from natural raw materials.
Free of silicone and chlorinated solvents.

Main Applications Tesa 60042 Adhesive Cleaner Spray
General industrial applications
Use in factories and production plants.
All kinds of crafts
The automobile industry
Suitable for cleaning machines in workshops and at home.

Additional Info
Viably removes label residue from most adhesive tapes.
It evaporates without leaving any residue and leaves a pleasant aroma.
Spray reaches the hardest to reach places.
Silicone free.

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Tesa 60042 Adhesive Cleaner Spray

Available in our online store

Technical data

Base Aliphatic hydrocarbons and lemon tree
Color Transparent
Contents 500 ml
60042 Canister 12 Cans/Box

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