Tesa® 60040 Industrial Spray Cleaner


Tesa® 60040 Industrial Spray Cleaner

Tesa 60040 Industrial Spray Cleaner is a versatile product for quick and easy cleaning of machines, plastic parts, glass and metals. Clean surfaces allow optimal adhesion with tesa® Spray Adhesives.

– Excellent cleaning results on machinery and on multiple surfaces such as plastic and metal.
– Cleans even stubborn stains such as wax, oil, grease, rubber and silicone residues
– It evaporates without leaving residue and leaves a pleasant aroma
– Reach deep and hard-to-reach places
– Based on LIMONENE from natural raw material
– Free of silicone and chlorinated solvents
– Prepare surfaces for a perfect adhesion of adhesive tapes.

Main Applications Tesa 60040 Industrial Spray Cleaner
– Industrial applications in general
– Use in factories and production plants.
– All kinds of crafts
– The automotive industry
– Suitable for cleaning machines in workshops and at home.

Additional Info
Read the safety information on the bottle carefully.
shake well before use
Apply a generous coat to the surface to be cleaned and leave for a few moments to take effect
Wipe with a clean cloth
Contains> 30% aliphatic hydrocarbons and LIMONENE according to Decree (CE) no. 648/2004, on detergents


Tesa 60040 Industrial Spray Cleaner

Tesa® 60040 Industrial Spray Cleaner


Technical data

Base Aliphatic hydrocarbons and lemon tree
Color Transparent
Contents 500 ml
60040 Canister 12 Cans/Box
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