Tesa® 60021 Permanent


Tesa 60021 Permanent Spray Adhesives

Tesa 60021 Permanent Spray Adhesives is a versatile adhesive for the permanent bonding of paper, cardboard, felt, fabric, wood, leather, polystyrene and a wide variety of plastics.

– Clean, fast, safe and efficient gluing on surfaces such as cardboard, fabric, wood, polystyrene, etc.
– Fine and uniform spraying. Quick drying, resistant to humidity and mechanical and thermal loads.
– Free of silicone and chlorinated solvents.


Main applications

Tesa 60021 Permanent Spray Adhesive is suitable for applications such as
Pallet marking
Attachment of wiring diagrams and labels.
Assembly of cardboard displays, posters and polystyrene foam templates.
Adhesion of thin decoration film, aluminum foil and fabric
and many other applications


Tesa 60021 Permanent Spray Adhesives

Tesa® 60021 Permanent Spray Adhesives


Technical data

Base Synthetic rubber
Color Cream
Ventilation time 5 min.
Drying time < 10 min.
Resist at the temperature from -20ºC to +60ºC
Contents 500 ml
60021 Canister 12 Cans/Box BEIGE CREMA

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