Tesa® 53799 Special Gaffer


Tesa® 53799 Gaffer Special

Tesa 53799 Special Gaffer is a high-quality polyethylene-coated fabric tape. It consists of a fabric backing and a PE-coated 80-thread-count woven PET mesh with a pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive.
tesa 53799 is a very strong woven tape for a wide variety of applications, mostly used in the military.

– Excellent adhesion, even on rough surfaces
– Great resistance to traction.
– Water repellent
– Adaptable
– Suitable for repair and construction applications.
– Available in olive green

Main applications
Suitable for a variety of repair and construction applications, including in the military, such as:
– Packing
– Tied
– Closure, coverage and fixation
– Roof repair
– Splicing of awnings
– Multipurpose applications in agriculture



TESA 53799

Tesa® 53799 Special Gaffer


Technical data Tesa 53799 Special Gaffer

Bracket Extruded PE fabric
Total thickness [µm] 310
Adhesion / steel [N/cm] 4,8
Resist break  [N/cm] 77
53799 Roll 18 Rolls/Box 50 mm x 50 mt NEGRO_1VERDE OLIVA

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