Tesa® 4985

Tesa® 4985

tesa 4985 is a modified acrylic adhesive transfer tape. It has good adhesion on uneven surfaces.


tesa 4985 is characterized by:
Extremely fine (50 µm) and conformable.
Immediate adhesion, even on rough surfaces.
Adaptability to any type of surface.
Excellent application using the tesa 6013 dispenser.
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Technical properties
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Main applications
Mounting of posters and photos.
Paper splices.


TESA 4985

Tesa® 4985


Technical data

Total thickness [µm]50
Adhesion / steel [N / cm]8,0
Temperature resistance [° C]
Long term80
Short term200
4985Roll144 Rolls/Box12 mm x 33 mt     (reverse rewind)Transp.
Roll96 Rolls/Box19 mm x 100 mt     (reverse rewind)Transp.

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