Tesa® 4964

Tesa® 4964

Tesa 4964 is a tape with a natural rubber adhesive combined with a fabric backing, for splicing fabric reels, fixing carpets, laminating samples for swatch books.

Suitable for mounting on uneven surfaces.

Resistant to tearing and cuts.

In most cases, it can be removed without leaving any adhesive residue.

Recommended to test before mounting the tape on surfaces with plasticizers.


– Premium solution for the installation of carpets and synthetic floors.
– Fabric tape with a large amount of adhesive mass, ideal for rough surfaces.
– Easy to remove without leaving adhesive residue.
– Can be cut by hand.

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TESA 64621


Technical data Tesa 4964

SupportRayon fabric
Total thickness [µm]390
Adhesion / steel [N / cm]7,5
Temperature resistance [° C]
Long term40
Short term160
4964Roll32 Rolls/Box9 mm x 50 mtBLANCO
Roll24 Rolls/Box12 mm x 50 mtBLANCO
Roll20 Rolls/Box15 mm x 50 mtBLANCO
Roll16 Rolls/Box19 mm x 50 mtBLANCO
Roll12 Rolls/Box25 mm x 50 mtBLANCO
Roll10 Rolls/Box30 mm x 50 mtBLANCO
Roll8 Rolls/Box38 mm x 50 mtBLANCO
Roll6 Rolls/Box50 mm x 50 mtBLANCO
Roll4 Rolls/Box60 mm x 50 mtBLANCO
Roll2 Rolls/Box100 mm x 50 mtBLANCO
Roll1 Roll/Box310 mm x 50 mtBLANCO
Roll1 Roll/Box1550 mm x 25 mtBLANCO
Roll8 Rolls/Box1550 mm x 50 mtBLANCO

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