Tesa® 4959

Tesa® 4959

tesa 4959 is a double-sided tape with a non-woven fiber backing and acrylic adhesive. Indicated for assembly and splicing. The adhesive has a high tack and good shear resistance. Resistant to UV rays, aging and resistance to plasticizers.


– Very high initial tack.
– Resistant to aging and UV rays.
– High tensile strength.
– Very resistant to plasticizers.
– Excellent resistance to temperature
– Good adhesion on flexible and uneven surfaces.


tesa 4959

Tesa® 4959


Technical data Tesa 4959

SupportNon-woven fiber
Total thickness [µm]115
Adhesion / steel [N / cm]6,2
Temperature resistance [° C]
Long term80
Short term200
4959Roll96 Rolls/Box19 mm x 50 mtBLANCO
Roll48 Rolls/Box38 mm x 50 mtBLANCO
Roll1 Roll/Box1362 mm x 50 mt     (Cutting)BLANCO
Roll144 Rolls/Box6 mm x 100 mtBLANCO
Roll96 Rolls/Box9 mm x 100 mtBLANCO
Roll72 Rolls/Box12 mm x 100 mtBLANCO
Roll60 Rolls/Box15 mm x 100 mtBLANCO
Roll48 Rolls/Box19 mm x 100 mtBLANCO
Roll36 Rolls/Box25 mm x 100 mtBLANCO
Roll18 Rolls/Box50 mm x 100 mtBLANCO
Roll1 Roll/Box1372 mm x 100 mtBLANCO
Roll1 Roll/Box15 mm x 2500 mtBLANCO
Roll1 Roll/Box19 mm x 4000 mtBLANCO
Roll1 Roll/Box12 mm x 6000 mtBLANCO
Roll1 Roll/Box9 mm x 7000 mtBLANCO

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