Tesa® 4952

Tesa® 4952

Tesa 4952. Double-sided tape with PE foam backing and acrylic adhesive. This foam is highly conformable. This tape has been externally certified for mirror mounting.
Product benefits:
Versatile adhesive for immediate adhesion on many substrates.
Suitable for outdoors. UV, water and aging resistant.
Compensates for the difference in thermal expansion between two different materials.
High immediate adhesion even applying low pressure.
Excellent vibration absorption at low temperature.


– Very high resistance PE foam for constructive assembly.
– Permanent adhesion even in humid environments, smooth and uneven surfaces.
– LGA 329 1189 certificate (fixing mirrors).
– Damping effect.


Main applications
Mirror mounting.
Assembly of car mirrors.
Mounting of profiles.
Mounting of decorative panels.


tesa 4952

Tesa® 4952


Technical data Tesa 4952

SupportPE foam
Total thickness [µm]1150
Adhesion / steel [N / cm]6,5  (Foam break)
Temperature resistance [° C]
Long term80
Short term80
4952Roll72 Rolls/Box19 mm x 1,5 mt     (individual packaging-prof. presentation)BLANCO
Roll60 Rolls/Box19 mm x 5 mt     (individual packaging-prof. presentation)BLANCO
Roll96 Rolls/Box19 mm x 10 mt     (individual packaging-prof. presentation)BLANCO
Roll32 Rolls/Box9 mm x 50 mtBLANCO
Roll24 Rolls/Box12 mm x 50 mtBLANCO
Roll20 Rolls/Box15 mm x 50 mtBLANCO
Roll16 Rolls/Box19 mm x 50 mtBLANCO
Roll12 Rolls/Box25 mm x 50 mtBLANCO
Roll1 Roll/Box1360 mm x 50 mtBLANCO
Roll1 Roll/Box1360 mm x 50 mt     (Cutting)BLANCO
Roll1 Roll/Box6 mm x 1800 mtBLANCO

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