Tesa® 4939


Tesa® 4939

Tesa 4939 double-sided adhesive is the perfect choice for laying a carpet or rug only for a short period of time.

Floor tape with fabric backing and synthetic rubber-based adhesive.

After 14 days the carpet can be easily removed without leaving any residue.

For all kinds of events, such as fairgrounds, exhibitions and shows.


– Adhesive synthetic rubber mass.
– High initial adhesion.
– Resists up to 14 days without leaving adhesive residue.
– For textile floor coverings (carpets, …)
– Special for floors or sealed with epoxy putty.
– Can be cut by hand.


tesa 4939

Tesa® 4939


Technical data Tesa 4939

Support PET fabric
Total thickness [µm] 265
Adhesion / steel [N / cm] 5,0
Temperature resistance [° C]
Long term 40
Short term 80
4939 Roll 36 Rolls/Box 50 mm x 10 mt     (individual packaging-prof. presentation) BLANCO
Roll 48 Rolls/Box 25 mm x 50 mt BLANCO
Roll 32 Rolls/Box 38 mm x 50 mt BLANCO
Roll 24 Rolls/Box 50 mm x 50 mt BLANCO

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