Tesa® 4665 American Outdoors


Tesa® 4665 American Outdoors

Tesa 4665 Americana Exteriors is a transparent outdoor fabric tape. It consists of: a 95 micron polyethylene layer treated against UV rays, a polyether fabric support with 30 threads per cm2 and a synthetic rubber adhesive. tesa® 4665 is a fabric tape suitable for multiple applications that require a certain stability and durability outdoors over a long period of time.


– resists up to 1 year outdoors after application (tested in an extreme simulation process)
– Transparent bracket for virtually invisible repairs
– Easy and fast to apply
– Easy to cut by hand
– It adapts to all types of surfaces
– Transparent – for almost invisible repairs.


Main applications
– Repair of greenhouses, virio panels
– Union of sheets
– Sealing of hoses and tubes
– Outdoor repairs up to 12 months.
– Protection of heavy materials exposed to the elements


Tesa 4665 Americana Exteriors

Tesa® 4665 American Outdoors


Technical data Tesa 4665 Americana Exteriors

Bracket Woven with PE Laminate
Total thickness [µm] 210
Adhesion / steel [N/cm] 8,0
Resist break  [N/cm] 41,0
4665 Roll 24 Rolls/Box 48 mm x 25 mt

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