Tesa® 4662 American

Tesa® 4662 American

Tesa 4662 American is a multi-purpose tape. The backing is a 27-weft PET / cotton fabric coated with a natural rubber adhesive.


– Excellent adhesion even on rough and dirty surfaces
– Can be cut by hand
– Waterproof
– Conformable
– Flexible, good adhesion on all types of surfaces.
– Strong starting tackle.
– For universal applications; ex. fixing sheets for construction.
Available in 3 colors: silver, black


Main applications
– Sealing of pipes
– Fixing of protection films
– Closing of garbage bags
– Fixed, closed, packed, … everything


tesa 4662

Tesa® 4662 American


Technical data Tesa 4662 American

BracketWoven with PE Laminate
Total thickness [µm]230
Adhesion / steel [N/cm]4,5
Resist break  [N/cm]34
4662Roll24 Rolls/Box48 mm x 50 mtamarillo   (Betonband – 2 weeks outside)
Roll24 Rolls/Box48 mm x 50 mtgrisNEGRO_1

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