Tesa® 4600 Xtreme Conditions


Tesa® 4600 Xtreme Conditions

Tesa 4600 Xtreme Conditions is a self-adhesive, self-adhesive silicone tape. The flexible material conforms firmly to various surfaces, thus providing an instant hermetic seal. Self-welding repair tape can be used both indoors and outdoors and also achieves reliable results on oily, dirty, or wet surfaces. Even underwater application is possible. The silicone base ensures that the robust tape provides high resistance to various chemicals, oils, acids, solvents, salt water, UV exposure and high temperatures (-65 ° C to 260 ° C). The silicone tape can also be used for temporary links and can be removed at any time without problems. Tesa 4600 Xtreme Conditions is a true wild card of all trades and is used by professional craftsmen for many types of tasks, for example insulating cables or for short-term repairs of water pipes


Product characteristics
– Self-weldable silicone tape
– Achieve a tight sealing effect
– Can be removed without leaving residue (does not contain adhesive)
– Chemical and salt water resistant
– Can be applied on any surface (wet, dry, hot)


– Insulation and protection of cables and connections
– Strapping and binding in the maritime industry, among others
– Sealing of ducts and pipes
– Sealing applications in the motor section
– Wraps hydraulic fittings and other connections exposed to metal to help prevent corrosion
– Masking applications in powder painting, liquid painting, cataphoresis, anodizing and galvanizing treatments



tesa 4600

Tesa® 4600 Xtreme Conditions


Technical data

Resistance to tº -60  +260ºC
Electric resistance max. 12,000 V
Pressure resistance max. 8 Bar
Measurements 10mx15mm / 10mx50mm
tesa 4600
4600 Roll 16 Rolls/Box 25 mm x 3 mt color NEGRO_1
Roll 7 Rolls/Box 25 mm x 10 mt
Roll 3 Rolls/Box 50 mm x 10 mt color NEGRO_1


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