Tesa® 4591 Cross Filament


Tesa 4591 Cross Filament

Tesa® 4591 is a general purpose bidirectional filament tape composed of glass filaments bonded to a polyester layer. The tape is used for industrial taping, palletizing and fastening applications. tesa® 4591 combines high longitudinal tensile strength with very low elongation. The synthetic rubber adhesive ensures secure attachment to various surfaces, including non-polar ones such as polyethylene or polypropylene. tesa® 4591 offers great adhesion and needs little time to reach its full adhesive power. The tape also exhibits excellent adhesion to a variety of corrugated and solid board surfaces. tesa® 4591 is wear resistant.

– Transparent, cross-filament
– Fiberglass filaments
– High adhesiveness and excellent resistance to breakage.
– For palletizing, coil strapping, packaging, secure transport and fastening applications.


main applications

– Tied and palletized
– Sealing of large cardboard boxes
– Transport insurance
– Fixation
– end tabs


Tesa 4591 Cross Filament

Tesa® 4590 unidirectional filament


Technical data Tesa Tesa 4591 Cross Filament

Bracket PET + fiberglass
Type of adhesive synthetic rubber
Elongation at break [%] 4
Tensile stength [N/cm] 250
Total thickness [µm] 140
Adhesion / steel [N/cm] 9,5
Resist break  [N/cm] 250
4591 Roll 48 Rolls/Box 19 mm x 50 mt
Roll 36 Rolls/Box 25 mm x 50 mt color BLANCO
Roll 18 Rolls/Box 50 mm x 50 mt color BLANCO
Roll 12 Rolls/Box 75 mm x 50 mt
Roll 12 Rolls/Box 100 mm x 50 mt


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