Tesa® 4124 Strong PVC


Tesa 4124 Strong PVC

Tesa® 4124 is a premium PVC packaging tape with a natural rubber adhesive. Offers pre-painted insurance on all types of medium weight cartons and even heavy cartons. tesa® 4124 has a smooth and quiet unwind making it highly suitable for use in manual and automatic dispensers.
The cardboard waste recycling process will not be interrupted as confirmed by the main recycling and paper companies.

– Robust 38ym PVC with natural rubber adhesive.
– Secure sealing guarantee.
– Easy application, silent unwinding.
– For medium-high weight packages.

main applications

– manual and automatic sealing of medium-high weight boxes.


Tesa 4124 Strong PVC


Technical data Tesa 4124 Strong PVC

Bracket PVC
Type of adhesive natural rubber
Elongation at break [%] 60
Tensile stength [N/cm] 60
Total thickness [µm] 65
Adhesion / steel [N/cm] 3,2
Resist break  [N/cm] 60


can be printer ++
noiseless unwinding yes
application manual yes
automatic application yes
4124 Roll 96 Rolls/Box 19 mm x 66 mt Tesa 4124 Strong PVC
Roll 72 Rolls/Box 25 mm x 66 mt Tesa 4124 Strong PVC
Roll 48 Rolls/Box 38 mm x 66 mt color marron
Roll 36 Rolls/Box 50 mm x 66 mt color marron
Roll 24 Rolls/Box 75 mm x 66 mt
Roll 12 Rolls/Box 150 mm x 66 mt color marron
Roll 16 Rolls/Box 19 mm x 660 mt
Roll 6 Rolls/Box 50 mm x 660 mt color marron
Roll 8 Rolls/Box 38 mm x 1000 mt


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