Tesa extra Power® Extreme Outdoor


Tesa Extra Power Extreme Outdoor Tape


Tesa® Extra Power Extreme Reinforced High Tack Waterproof Adhesive Tape. Ideal for exterior repairs.

Tesa Extra Power® Extreme Reinforced Outdoor Tape is a weather resistant adhesive tape designed for a wide range of specific outdoor applications. It is made from an extra strong reinforced transparent film and provides a stronger bonding power. Use this highly versatile UV-resistant, waterproof, weather-resistant, and temperature-resistant adhesive strip as an ultra-strong adhesive strip for crafting, repairing, bonding, gluing, strengthening, marking, and much more. It is ideal for camping, caravanning, backpacking and any other outdoor activity where something needs to be repaired urgently.

– Extremely weather resistant and waterproof, specially designed for outdoor applications
– UV resistant up to 1 year
– Resistant to temperature changes from -40°C to +95°C
– It is cut by hand
– Free of solvents

main applications

– For crafts, repairs, fixing, reinforcement, marking and much more



Extra Power Extreme Outdoor Tape

Tesa extra Power® Extreme Outdoor


Technical data Tesa Extra Power® Extreme Outdoor Tape

Extra Power Extreme Outdoor Roll 24 rolls/Box 48 mm x 20 mt

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