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tesa ® 62455

It is a PE 1,000µm tape competitive in price that has been developed specifically for Trims & amp; Profiles . Trim and molding or profiles.

  • Available only in SAF spools / spool length: 9, 12, 15, 19 mm wide
  • Competitive price with good performance
  • For applications with basic needs , including indoor and outdoor use.
  • Versatile adhesive with good immediate and maximum adherence even on rough and critical surfaces.

Launch tesa ® 62935

tesa® 62935 is a high adhesion 1,000 µm PE foam tape with improved foam quality (higher density) and a very high level of adhesion compared to 4952.

The main application is the mounting of mirrors within the furniture industry, elevators and recreational vehicles, stiffening bars, or those applications that require high performances.

  • Available in black and white
  • The large amount of adhesive provides excellent initial tack behavior.
  • Versatile adhesive with excellent immediate adhesion and very high adhesion over time even on rough and critical surfaces.
  • Good resistance to cutting for heavy loads.
  • High quality PE foam that offers high internal resistance.
  • Excellent resistance to environmental conditions (eg UV rays, humidity) and aging

Launch tesa ® 55576

Double sided white PE foam tape for general purpose mounting applications. It consists of a PE foam backing and an adhesive acrylic adhesive, it is presented with a red filmic protector.

  • Very competitive price .

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